Dearest Someone, we all make mistakes.

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Dearest Someone,

Dearest Someone,

I find that most people are often commenting on the mistakes they’ve made, and I’m naturally programmed to reassure them, help them evaluate what happened and try my best to help them turn their mistakes into a positive situation – I think that’s human nature, when we see a companion struggling we try to help. But what is obvious is that we don’t listen to our own advice.

 We all make mistakes – and we all dish out advice, but surely the world would be 100% simpler if we listened to our own advice? Yes – and no.

I think when you make mistakes – or when you’re experiencing difficulty – it’s important to speak to others, to seek advice. At times you may think your advice is the be all and end all, but sometimes it’s an outsiders perspective that can really offer you meaningful insight…

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