Happy and Healthy Challenge: Moodscope

New: Happy and Healthy Challenge

via. Dearest Someone,

Dearest Someone,

Happy and Healthy Challenge:

As a way to try and challenge myself to do positive, self-rewarding (and self-actualizing) things I am starting a cool personal ‘Happy and Healthy Challenge’. The idea is fairly simple (and is definitely not groundbreaking or pioneering), there’s tonnes of tasks, and challenges available across the blogging world, and further afield in all corners of the internet – so I’m going to try and do some of the tasks. So, here’s my first challenge (and where I found it!)

Moodscope is an ace app that helps you keep track of your mood, showing variations and allowing you to record triggers and understand what you are feeling.


It’s free to sign up, and you receive email reminders daily telling you to take the moodscope test, and record your score. I must admit I haven’t taken the test in a while, but it was really handy when I did…

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