Exploring, fighting panic, resisting destructive behaviour and feeling pretty happy.

Dearest Someone,

Recently I’ve been struggling – if you keep up to date with this blog then you may have noticed. I’ve reached new levels of ‘stressed’ lately, so much so that I keep having panic attacks at stupid times, and not really being able to do much to control them. Though, I recently read Matt Haig’s book: Reasons To Stay Alive – it’s bloody brilliant and I’ll blog about it tomorrow… there were a lot of stand-out quotes and moments within the book – but it was one particular thing that I really really liked, and related to… I’m not directly quoting here as my Kindle is somewhere in the mess that has taken over my desk, but Matt spoke openly about panic attacks, and wanting to have a valid reason to panic when experiencing these – I can relate to this ridiculously well! When I have panic attacks I get…

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