Mini-update and thank-yous!

Dearest Someone,

So, I just had an incredibly humbling moment (though I seem to be getting a few of these lately!) Several people have contacted me via Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest and of course this blog to share their own experiences of Post-Traumatic Stress, anxiety, and many other issues (as well as expressing your experiences with certain types of trauma.) And I just wanted to say thank-you! 

As I’ve often said – there’s several reasons as to why I created this blog:

(1) To make sense of myself, my struggles, and as a space to vent / share things.

(2) To keep the discussion of mental health issues authentic, human and honest – tackling stigma, and just generally discussing things.

(3) To help others who are going through similar things – I know I can’t change the world or anything – but I know how important and comforting it is to know that you are not…

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