GAP in the Market by The GAP Arts Project

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely guys at The GAP Arts Project(When I mean lovely, I really really mean it). These guys work tirelessly to run the project, and plan its ever-amazing adventures, events, mini-projects, exhibitions and so on…

The team at the GAP work really hard to bring: exciting and innovative ways of supporting young people through arts activities. Bringing young people and the rest of the community together for some intriguing adventures, creative encounters, meaningful conversations and lots more.

GAP in the Market

The latest programme of activities, adventures and chances for you to get involved with arts and culture led by the team is… (drum roll please)…  The GAP in the Market.

GAP in the Market

GAP in the Market is a festival of creativity, arts and play. Located within the midst of the vibrant and exciting Bull Ring Indoor Markets, the GAP is quite literally ‘filling a gap in the market’ with a space for creativity. Here’s how the team describe the programme:

‘a tightly-packed (quite literally!) programme of workshops, exhibitions, screenings, performances, talks and tours, including all manner of content – from craftivism and cultural resistance to play readings, clay mapping and the much loved Great Brum Grub Crawl. And all this squeezed into a tiny, collectively-created arts space in a Bull Ring Indoor Market stall in Birmingham!’

GAP in the Market, now about to enter into its second week, has been really cool so far, and I 100% reckon you should go and check it out! The second week of activities is set to include: script development, photo walks, clay city (this looks ace), films, playreading, a grub crawl, craft workshops, poetry, colouring (ahhh), board games, rug making and so much more!!

I’m ridiculously excited to get involved next week, (especially with the Disability and Labelling in the Arts discussion on Thursday!) And no doubt I will be blogging more about this as I check out some of the events! If you’re in Birmingham and you’d like to get involved you can find Week 2’s programme of events here:!week-1/c7tk 

Also, keep up to date with the team over on Twitter! @GAPArtsProject

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