Halloween and mental health

Dearest Someone,

Source: Ella Robson Source: Ella Robson

Happy Halloween! 

It’s Halloween! There’s so many themed blog posts I could write in relation to today, but apparently my creative juices are having a rest! It’s been a strange old week, with many ups and many more downs… but last night my housemates and I spent the evening carving pumpkins, watching ‘scary’ (weird) films and chilling. It was a much needed night in! 

Initially I was meant to be in Swansea last night and Essex tonight, but after a very odd week full of unexpected events I decided to stay in Birmingham and have a little rest. I’ve been on medication for a while and I’ve had several different support systems in place, all the support I’ve received throughout my recovery has allowed me to function as normally as possible (whatever the heck normal is). By this I mean that although I do at times really…

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