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Dearest Someone,

Birmingham I loves ya! Just look at how many people attended Pride this weekend! This is so exciting! Brum ya are amazing! I'M SO BLOODY PROUD OF HOW AMAZING BRUMMIES ARE - and yay to Ireland as well! Anyone who campaigns for something they believe in is ace; but I have so much love and respect for LGBT campaigners! (Specifically this weekend - PRIDE ya did good!)Muchos love and support to LGBT(q) life! ‪#‎BirminghamPride‬


If you live in Birmingham and you didn’t hear about Birmingham Pride 2015 then I have no idea how – you must have been hibernating or something haha! 🙂 I am so PROUD of everyone who celebrated and campaigned for LGBT rights this weekend! Unfortunately I was unable to get down and join in with all the festivities – but I could at one point see some of the celebrations from my flat (which…

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