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I of course am completely shocked and distressed by the news of Paris (I really really am) but the devastating truth is that Paris isn’t the only city to have been devastated by acts of terrorism/extremism this week alone. No one life is more valuable than another, I’m ashamed that I was so heartbroken by the news of Paris yet wasn’t even aware of the lives of others which were so dreadfully taken in Garissa early this year, in which the attackers singled out Christians. And to those lives lost in Beirut: forgive me for being so completely unaware, my lack of awareness due to the media deciding whose lives are more valuable to report over. It’s harrowingly ignorant of me to only pay attention to what the news decides I should care about. This world is brutal, but really it’s people who are far more terrifying. While I of…

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Source: Ella Robson Source: Ella Robson

Happy Halloween! 

It’s Halloween! There’s so many themed blog posts I could write in relation to today, but apparently my creative juices are having a rest! It’s been a strange old week, with many ups and many more downs… but last night my housemates and I spent the evening carving pumpkins, watching ‘scary’ (weird) films and chilling. It was a much needed night in! 

Initially I was meant to be in Swansea last night and Essex tonight, but after a very odd week full of unexpected events I decided to stay in Birmingham and have a little rest. I’ve been on medication for a while and I’ve had several different support systems in place, all the support I’ve received throughout my recovery has allowed me to function as normally as possible (whatever the heck normal is). By this I mean that although I do at times really…

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Recently I published a blog for the Huffington Post’s Young Voices, and the response was overwhelmingly positive – in fact I’m still in awe of the lovely comments, pledges to fight stigma and speak out. However, some were not so lovely. Unfortunately in this world there is always someone who will disagree with you, or have opposing, yet strong opinions, but this time I’m not going to stand by and let them shout about something when, in my opinion, they are completely wrong.

Huffington Post UK shared my blog –  ‘Mental Illness doesn’t make you any less human – don’t be afraid to speak up’  – via their social media streams, which I am incredibly thankful for! But, this was one of the comments the post received:

“Depression!!…Didn’t have time to get depressed when i was young,to busy fighting a war and working 60 hours a week to raise…

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Dearest Someone,

I’m very pleased to announce that I am now able to use my voice on a much bigger platform through blogging as part of the Huffington Post’s Young Voices campaign!
Dearest Someone, is first and foremost my main blog and all the posts I share through the Huffington Post will also be linked back to here.
I am so happy as it really is truly fantastic to be able to speak to so many people, and to help break down the stigma of mental health. I love how Huffington Post are allowing young people such as me to speak out on such a well known, far-reaching platform. I feel very honoured 🙂 

My first blog for them was published today (September 21st) do check it out:

Mental Illness Doesn’t Make You Any Less Human – Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up.

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Homes for Heroes (Australia)

Today I’m mega proud of these guys:

Source: Homes for Heroes Source: Homes for Heroes

They may be miles away… (literally) but I still fully support their venture, and I’m very proud of them all. Lieutenant Jason Dawson, of the Royal Australian Navy, completed the Sydney Half Marathon wearing  a Bomb suit (weighing 45kg!) And news in from my cousin (the tall one)… LEUT Dawson only stopped once, the finish line! That’s incredible… I couldn’t even run the marathon, yet alone do it in a bomb suit!.

All joking aside though, I am very proud of these five chaps… for many reasons! Here’s what Homes for Heroes said before the half-marathon:

“As a leader of the Royal Australian Navy’s elite Clearance Diving unit, Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving Officer, Lieutenant Jason Dawson is used to punishing his body and pushing it to extremes. But even he admits he will be in the…

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Exciting news!

Dearest Someone,

Thank-you so much for your ongoing support! It means that I have been able to transform Dearest Someone, into << notice the DOT COM?! I am so excited for the future of Dearest Someone, hopefully this now means I can reach more people and help more people!

Everything will stay the same – I will continue to run this as a blog! It just makes it easier for me to campaign about mental health, so thank-you so so much for joining me in this awesome adventure!!

Ella xx

(Dearest Someone,)

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Dearest Someone,

I have no idea why but currently I am loving macaroni and cheese. (Macaroni is also really fun to say haha) I have no idea why but currently I am loving macaroni and cheese. (Macaroni is also really fun to say haha)

A lot of things make me smile, but at the moment it’s definitely simple, sweet things that make me feel all happy and loved! Summer is pretty much over now (if you live in the UK like me then summer was pretty much over two weeks ago). My birthday is at the end of August though so I always make myself wait until after that before I admit that summer is over!

This year, this September, I am really a fan of creating things – including blogs haha – but I’ve developed a real love for making collages, editing images and just been real cheesy with photos and things! (Aka: making mock-up polaroids and sharing them on this blog!) I’ve always been a fan of making things, crafting things…

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Dearest Someone,

This is a completely random post, but creativity seems to happen to me when I’m at my most stressed. Of course I mean that creativity can take over my mind, it becomes all encompassing and somehow I can produce some pretty impressive work and meet insane deadlines. It’s like my mind just goes into a completely different mode, where I’m focused, unstoppable and somehow managing to actually make logical, coherent pieces of writing.

Yet of course I feel more related, and in control of the creative stuff I produce when I’m relaxed or taking things easy, or just generally making things – which I think really does prove the relationship between creativity and well-being. (For me anyway).

I’m a creative person, I always have been – but I can remember the specific moment of realisation. It was actually a weird a-ha type moment – I was in my final year of…

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