I’ve been involved in fundraising with Global Charities for roughly three years now, and this previous weekend reminded me just why I love helping out! Global’s Make Some Noise is the brand new national charity, a charity that works to support and help disadvantaged young people and children across the UK. Previously Global Charities consisted of charities such as: Help a Capital Child, Have a Heart and The Classic FM Foundation. All of which I’ve had the pleasure to support – therefore I wasn’t sceptical when I was asked to help out at an event for Make Some Noise. 

The event, Run For Home took place last weekend, (Sunday, September 28th.) It was the first fundraising event I’ve supported in Birmingham (usually I help out the London teams) and I had a blast. The generosity and enthusiasm of those taking part was incredible, which made my day fantastic. Not to mention the morale and enthusiasm of Global’s staff (well done to all who worked – it was a very long day!)

A quick run-down: (no pun-intended) Global Radio listeners (from Capital, Heart and Smooth) opted to raise money for Globals Make Some Noise by participating in ‘Run For Home.’ Listeners were dropped off at a super-secret location, up to 100 miles away, (Milton Keynes) and were faced with the challenge of returning to Birmingham (Edgbaston Stadium) without spending any money. The concept sounds crazy and very challenging, and it was fantastic to see how many people took part!

The concept was made even cooler by Global offering a prize for the most creative return back to Edgbaston Stadium. Which meant tonnes of fancy dress; ranging from Where’s Wally, Toy Story, Builders, Angels and Nuns to the Jamaican ‘Cool Runnings’ Bobsledders team.

Globals Make Some Noise 2

What I found particularly interesting was the cross over of Global Radio listeners; the event participants consisted of Capital FM, Heart and Smooth Radio listeners – all of whom quickly mingled and became friends. It was great to see Global listeners interact and enjoy themselves. It was also great to see Global Presenters work with each other even though they belonged to different stations – the atmosphere was great and I feel it truly represented the high-spirits and positive attitudes of all involved! 

I worked as Event Staff throughout the day, this meant encouraging and motivating the listeners, getting them to take part in #FakeSomeNoise, whilst keeping them exciting and calming their nerves before the big adventure! I accompanied them to Milton Keynes (feeling like a proud parent when the people from my coach left amidst the many other listeners.) Then I returned to Edgbaston Stadium and supported staff throughout the day, interacting with listeners, families and friends, and conducting many many quizzes. I had a fantastic day, packed with happy people and great spirits! 

Globals Make Some Noise

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