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Dearest Someone,

Thank-you so much for your ongoing support! It means that I have been able to transform Dearest Someone, into dearestsomeone.com << notice the DOT COM?! I am so excited for the future of Dearest Someone, hopefully this now means I can reach more people and help more people!

Everything will stay the same – I will continue to run this as a blog! It just makes it easier for me to campaign about mental health, so thank-you so so much for joining me in this awesome adventure!!

Ella xx

(Dearest Someone,)


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Dearest Someone,

Demi Lovato is Confident
I’m a huge fan of Demi Lovato, I have been since the start of the Camp Rock era, aaaaall the way through to this new ‘era'(so-to-say) that she is currently on the brink of. Demi absolutely knocks it out of the park every time she releases something, she is a fantastic vocalist and an ace musician. She is also very honest about her past, and her wellbeing. Which, in my opinion is going above and beyond – Demi was never forced to speak out about her mental illness, she decided to do so herself. And that’s incredibly inspiring. 

For most people living with mental illness it is widely known that it can be difficult to speak out about your struggles. What I think people sometimes forget is that Demi did this on a huge scale – for me even speaking to my friends and family at times is terrifying…

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Dearest Someone,


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and I’ve been asked several times about whether there’s anything you can do to mark the day.

If you have social media, such as Facebook and Twitter  please get involved using the hashtag#WSPD or you can use the alternative #WSPD15 – people are using both 🙂 The theme of today (worldwide) is ‘Preventing Suicide: Reaching Out and Saving Lives’. It seems some people will be wearing orange, some people will be lighting candles at 8pm and the underlying theme is to check in on someone that you care about – if you yourself are struggling then I reckon its the perfect day to plan some time where you can practice self-care, do something that lets you relax and is enjoyable. 

Also, if you wish to get a little more active then I did a websearch and found this:

‘World Suicide Day –…

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Dearest Someone,

I have no idea why but currently I am loving macaroni and cheese. (Macaroni is also really fun to say haha) I have no idea why but currently I am loving macaroni and cheese. (Macaroni is also really fun to say haha)

A lot of things make me smile, but at the moment it’s definitely simple, sweet things that make me feel all happy and loved! Summer is pretty much over now (if you live in the UK like me then summer was pretty much over two weeks ago). My birthday is at the end of August though so I always make myself wait until after that before I admit that summer is over!

This year, this September, I am really a fan of creating things – including blogs haha – but I’ve developed a real love for making collages, editing images and just been real cheesy with photos and things! (Aka: making mock-up polaroids and sharing them on this blog!) I’ve always been a fan of making things, crafting things…

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Dearest Someone,

Sometimes I’m faced with a happy-dilemma… I’ve planned my workload for the next week and allowed myself to have a full, actual ‘do-nothing’ day off kind of Sunday, but I feel as though I need to find something to do. So… here’s my top ten suggestions for a productive day off:

  1. Go for a walkyou’ve probably seen this recommended a billion times (and that’s not an exaggeration), but going for walks can help clear your mind (or occupy it). Also, it’s good to go out and discover new things, yet at the same time it’s also weirdly soothing to walk a familiar route – it can help ground you, and remind you that some things are constant!
  2. Watch TV – this one’s maybe not so productive, but if you’re like me and you don’t often watch TV, (or you only ever watch the re-runs of Friends or How…

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