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If you live in Birmingham, if you live near Birmingham, if you live in England and if you watch the news then you will know about the incredible transformation of Birmingham New Street, with Grand Central opening very soon!

Well, John Lewis have done something that’s pretty next level (if that’s at all possible – I mean look at how shiny Grand Central is!)

John Lewis has moved in and made Birmingham home, producing a wonderful film that showcases Birmingham in all its glory. Featuring some of Birmingham’s finest, with breathtaking shots of the city, and fantastic stories from city dwellers. FORWARD, a film for Birmingham explores every aspect of the city’s vibrant, dynamic and unique culture. Touching upon the world of jewellery-making, with Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter at the epicentre of the UK’s industry. Focusing on the incredible, world-class healthcare, unique and talented photographers, and with an opening shot of Edgbaston Reservoir (my heart cartwheeled at that point – I lived by the reservoir and I loved it) the short film really captures what makes Birmingham such a thrilling, glorious and really really special city.

I first moved here four years ago, and I have been wonderfully welcomed, tested, challenged and nurtured. Birmingham has made me who I am, it’s shaped me as a person, and it’s vibrant nature, it’s exceptionally exciting industry (of all different varieties) keeps me motivated, keeps me intrigued and it also leaves me in awe. Birmingham I love you.

John Lewis – you’ve turned me all soppy thanks to your wonderful film.

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FORWARD – A Film for Birmingham

Wednesday 8th July I was asked to conduct some vox pops/interviews at the mac birmingham. I felt pretty lucky to be a part of the #BrumIsGreat event, in which I was able to immerse myself amidst individuals who have a large influence on the development and growth of Birmingham. With stakeholders focusing on initiating conversations city-wide there was a great deal of discussion (in fact, all the discussion) focused on the positive, defining aspects of Birmingham. With guests asked to utilise the hashtag: #BrumIsGreat 

I had a really nice time interviewing people who clearly felt very strongly about the city of Birmingham. Birmingham is, in my opinion, a fantastic, vibrant city. There is so much opportunity – something I’ve learnt through the various jobs and research I’ve undertaken, as well as through the individuals whom I met today. It was lovely hearing stories, and positive reflections of the city, as well as learning about aspirations and visions for Birmingham in the future.

I thought I’d list (some) reasons as to why I think #BrumIsGreat… I grew up in Essex, yet I feel incredibly at home here in Birmingham, and I really have grown to love the city.

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I was really, really lucky to work from Birmingham City University’s new build yesterday. It hasn’t opened to staff, students and the public yet, so I was running around like an excited child looking at everything (making use of the quiet!) Some departments have already moved over and the final touches are underway, and it’s really really special. I’m very proud of my University, this is the second new build that I’ve been lucky enough to experience, and quiet honestly the new library within the Curzon Building is most likely going to be my new home! (It’s that cool haha).

Here’s the view from the top floor (exec. suite, ooh la la) – it’s pretty impressive. I reckon on a sunny day this view is even more amazing. 

I just want to say a massive congratulations to Birmingham City University! Keep shaping the world! 😉

Birmingham City University

BCU Curzon Building