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11119635_10152952328273985_6697419100253792934_nEngaged Student of the Year (Runner Up)

I am very pleased to say that on Wednesday I was awarded by Birmingham City University and BCUSU (Students’ Union) with an Extra Mile Award in the ‘Engaged Student of the Year Category.’ I love Birmingham City University, I really do, the University has helped shaped me in so many ways, allowing me to grow both personally and professionally. I was commended for my work in different departments across the University and further afield, including my work at the House of Lords with UK Youth. I didn’t get a chance to say any thank-yous (I was first up and I didn’t want to ramble haha!) However, I am incredibly grateful and honoured to work with the people that I do across the University, and I cannot express how thankful I am for those who have supported me throughout my time at the University:

  • The Birmingham School of Media – aka: my home. I love all the staff and students within the school – they are an ace bunch, who put up with me on a daily basis and allow me to be myself! They challenge me and push me to work my hardest and they are there to offer me support whenever I need it. My work with the school as a representative is so much fun, and fulfilling thanks to the ace students that I get to work with 🙂
  • BCUSU – you guys are a sassy, awesome bunch, and you always entertain me and help me out!
  • Marketing and Communications – I’ve worked within BCU’s marketing department for almost two years now, firstly with the Alumni Association, then the Faculty of Health and now with the Creative Services Unit, and you are all so lovely! I am very lucky to work within such an inspiring, and hard-working team, you’ve taught me a lot and offered me some awesome opportunities to work on great projects!
  • The Outreach Team (Education Liaison) – I had a blast when I worked with you guys and I’m sad that I no longer can (due to my inability to be in multiple places at once haha!) But I do love gatecrashing your events and seeing how hard you all work! You guys were the first team I worked with within the University and I had so much fun that I decided to dip my toes further into the institution. The school visits will always be one of the coolest jobs I’ve been able to do, so thanks! 😀
  • The Arts, Design and Media Faculty – I’ve only really started working with you all since September, but I’m having a blast working on the student experience, learning and teaching team as well as the other projects you’ve roped me into! You’re all so lovely (and hilarious) and you can make even the fanciest of meetings welcoming and fun – I really look forward to all our meetings! (Especially the ones in the Deanery as there’s fancy food there, ooh la la.)
  • Admissions and the Academic Registry – It’s been over a year and a half since I’ve worked with y’all now but you still hunt me down when there’s events on, and you still invite me over during AVD’s and Open Days – you guys are definitely the sassiest, loveliest, funniest group of people and I miss working with you all!
  • CELT – there’s a lot of you in CELT! (And now you’ve coerced one of the media team over to the darkside, and I shall never forgive you!) But thank-you for your endless emails, and you awesome positive attitudes every time I communicate with the team!
  • Student Services – An ace, incredible, awesome, wonderful, happy, lovely team of people! I’ve worked with you all in multiple ways as well as utilizing you for support! The support I have received from Students Services has been incredible, there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude towards the health and wellbeing team. Without the support from the incredible staff members within student services I would certainly not have been able to function.

This post has turned into a very cheesy acceptance speech kinda thing – but I’m okay with that, I am very grateful! I am incredibly lucky to have such an awesome support network within across the University, and I am so fortunate to work in such a lovely, welcoming, exciting environment. BCU you’re ace.

Also, ten points to the team at the Birmingham School of Media for winning multiple other awards! 🙂 eee