I love words.


I’ve always been a ‘creative’ human… (not talented, just creative…) be it music, acting or writing I’ve always loved expressing myself. Though, as sad as it seems, I developed a real passion for writing intellectually during my undergraduate dissertation process – hence the desire to go back and study my MA. I’ve never had the desire to write books, or become a journalist (or even to become a scholar) but I do know that I really love words. I know it seems quite strange, I’d joke that I’m a walking talking thesaurus during those very stressful dissertation months… my pals would always ask me for ‘better’ words or phrases, and I’d love formulating the coolest sounding sentences for them… (fun times). 

The thing is I love exploring, and being productive, and going on adventures just as much as I love words. Which is why I would most likely never be able to sit and write a novel, but I’ve always written poetry, songs, prose and random little pieces. (And also… blogs).

I guess I’ve somehow managed to create a kind of repertoire in terms of my writing, so I decided to break it all down into categories:

First up, we have poetry. (Or prose, or just random words.)

Then we’ve got what I initially wrote as songs. (Yet probably serves better as poetry.)

Copywriting is up next. I’ve worked on a vast number of copywriting projects, so the genre / style changes quite a bit. Most, if not all of my copywriting work has been published in various places.

And finally, we have research. Which spans from academic to industry research (working for companies etc.)

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