Happy and Healthy Challenge: “To write affectionately about the people in our lives that we appreciate.”

For my most recent Happy and Healthy Challenge over on Dearest Someone I expressed my gratitude toward Student Services at Birmingham City University. Read more here!

Dearest Someone,

“To write affectionately about the people in our lives that we appreciate.”

Dear Diary – Task Three (Mental Health Awareness Week 2015)

This one is easy, easy, easy, eaaaasy – I have an incredible support network, made up of friends, family, colleagues and professionals – all of whom have helped me through the toughest times and continue to support me. I recently shared a post over on my personal blog, about a recent awards ceremony – and expressing my gratitude to those at my University: https://ellarobson.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/the-extra-mile-awards-2015/ 

I have continued support from my family and friends – and I hope they know how much they mean to me, and I wish to express my extreme gratitude to them… I love them to pieces. However, I’m choosing to share my appreciation toward those at my University within this post, as I never expected the level of support and empathy I’ve received from…

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